Queen of the Forest

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Samovila, leader of the Samovili and Vilas, is venerated throughout the Balkans, especially in Bulgaria and Macedonia but also elsewhere in Eastern Europe. She may be of Scythian origin. Samovila is a potent shaman, witch, healer, and shape-shifter. She will teach and advise those humans she favors—usually but not always women. However those who have harmed animals, who have hunted without spiritual license, and especially those who have hunted deer—Samovila’s personal cattle—should stay away from her, approaching at their own risk. Samovila also serves as a psychopomp, leading human souls to their next home.


Samovila can transform into any shape she desires. Her most common manifestations include a swan, snake, horse, and whirlwind. She may appear as a beautiful woman, a swan-woman, or a woman with hoofed feet.


The best time to approach Samovila is just before dawn during a full moon.

See Also:

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