Sarkin Fulani

Sarkin Fulani

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Sarkin Fulani is chief of the fifth house of Bori spirits, the House of Fulani Spirits. The Fulani are a neighboring ethnic group. It is important to note that these spirits may not actually be Fulani spirits. They are spirits that the Hausa perceive as being akin to the Fulani. The Fulani people were traditionally nomadic cattle-herders, and the Bori spirits called Fulani are also associated with cattle and nomadism.

Sarkin Fulani is responsible for the well-being and fertility of cattle. He has four wives and ten children. His sons include the powerful, Mai Gizo, Owner of Matted Hair, who was raised by Sarkin Arna after his father disowned him.

Sarkin Fulani causes and heals scrotal hernias. He also causes a mental state which causes the victim to abandon the sedentary life (culturally characteristic of the Hausa) and roam, ramble and wander compulsively, unable to settle down.

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