Sasa : Unknown Bird of Oceania.


Fijian (Austronesian) word.

Physical description:

Chicken-sized ground bird. Speckled.


Viti Levu and Kandavu Islands, Fiji.

Present status:

Probably extinct.

Possible explanation:

Undescribed species of Megapode (Family Megapodiidae), a group of scrub hens and brush turkeys that build mounds in which their eggs are incubated, suggested by Karl Shuker. These birds are found in Australia and the Pacific Islands.


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  • Karl Shuker, “Gallinaceous Mystery Birds,” World Pheasant Association News, no. 32 (May 1991): 3–6


Mysterious Creatures – A Guide to Cryptozoology written by George M. Eberhart – Copyright © 2002 by George M. Eberhart

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