Scatomancy (alternatively known as Spatalomancy, Spatilomancy, Cropomancy, and Spatalamancy) is a divination by studying the the size, arrangement, color and interaction of excrement.


Derived from the Greek skor ('excrement') and manteia ('prophecy')


In ancient times, scatomancers were often influential members of their community called upon to assist in medical diagnosis and trial by ordeal. In kleptoparasitic, one of scatomancy's forms that popular in ancient Egypt, dung beetles were employed. These amazing insects were actually held sacred and immortalized by the Egyptians. They shape, roll and weave dung balls as a sexual display and courtship attractor. The beetles speed and behavior, as well as the appearance of the dung balls, were all taken into consideration for the prognostications.
The examination of feces and urine by physicians and folk medicine practitioners has also been performed since ancient times. Medicine men and women were knowledgeable on it, and made predictions as well as diagnoses from feces examination, resembling today's medical professionals and laboratories.


Keep in mind that the predictions of Fecal Fortune Telling are based on your first bowel movement of that day. If you do not produce any droppings before 12pm, It is impossible to predict that day's readings. If you cannot produce a movement before noon, we suggest more bran and fibre in your diet. It is helpful to keep a pad and pen near your toilet to quickly jot down the key dynamics of your ploppers before you flush, because once you flush, it will be gone forever. Check the fecal study guide below:


Black or dark brown stool indicates that you must make quick decisions today.
Brown stool indicates that you will have no real surprises today.
Beige stool indicates caution.
Green stool indicates turmoil ahead.
Red stool indicates you have blood in your stool.
Blue stool indicates that something's is wrong.


Floating stool indicates that your mood will be generally positive today. Optimism rules the day. A new love interest or business opportunity may be introduced.

Submerged droppings indicates that perhaps it is time for a vacation or a well deserved break in your routine.

Number of Droppings

1-3: Be wise with your money, do not spend too much. Be frugal.
4-6: Be kind to a stranger today and you will be repaid handsomely.
7-10: Do not prejudge others today, be open-minded and fair.
10+: Avoid high fiber foods, eat more dairy products.


These are common shapes that may predict specific events during the day:
These are common shapes that may predict specific events during the day:
| The Cigar – A straight, long piece hints that strong leadership is needed today, be the first to speak up. Take control.
) The Banana – A curved loaf indicates serious attitude is required today, put away childish indulgences and wise up!
∴ Nugget(s) – A nugget(s) or pellet(s) movement suggests you should support the project of a friend/family member.

These uncommon shapes are seldom seen, but are often times more specific and trustworthy:
X The X – Red flag, Beware! Avoid automotive transit today, or perhaps It would be best to stay in bed.
∇ The Triangle – Your luck will be incredible today! Act on that long time crush you have or buy a lottery ticket quickly!
ξ The Coil – You should really take up a hobby or buy a pet. You are becoming a boring person and perhaps are eating too much.