Secrets to Successful Magick

There are many things that you learn in magickal texts…How to set up an altar. What implements you may need. Ingredients for various rites, and etc. They tell you everything you need to know about how the rite works. Even though you may do everything that that book may say, but you still dont succeed. No one can figure out what they did wrong. Well, there are something things books will never tell you. And that is what this class is about. These 'secrets' are within yourself. Your ego and your confidence. Books will never tell you how to use these things, nor will they tell you that they are essential. It is the main Secret behind successful magick.

Have you ever talked to someone who is very successful? Dont they seem to be conceited? I know I have run into that many times. That is their confidence at work. But confidence can hurt you too. But first, I will explain what good confidence is, and then how over confidence can hinder you. Good Self Confidence. It is when you are not afraid of anything, when you dont doubt yourself, or anything you do. It is the part of you that says “You can do it” and it drives you towards your goals no matter what they may be. Now, some people may seem like they have good confidence, but in reality, they inwardly doubt.

These are the magickians with a 50/50 success rate. Their self esteem on the outside seems good, but inside, they still doubt. Those will low self confidence and low self esteem are those who's magick will never work. This is because they dont see themselves highly, nor do they think that they can do it. Overcoming this is a major part of magickal development. How to achieve this varies from person to person. But to start, you must believe in yourself. You must know that what you are doing is going to work, and never doubt that in your head. The Daily Ritual of Reawakening is a good start for building your confidence, for in that right, you are proclaiming that no on shall remove you from your throne. Now how overconfidence works against you.

When you are over confident, you think that you are invincible. Magickaly speaking, there is always someone better than you in the world somewhere. There is a point however, when you are almost indefeatable…by that, it means that the one you are warring with, will recieve damage, but so will you. And that weakens you. If you keep that up, you will weaken youself, even though you think you are strong and powerful…then you try a rite, where you have to be in full strength, then you hurt yourself really bad. This goes many ways. Confidence is good, over confidence is detrimental.

As far as ego is concerned…It is similar to the confidence thing. However, ego most times is bad. To big of an ego will cause you to lose more than win. Xtians have that problem with their self-righteous bull. Wicca is the same way. They do magick, and they are white light so that gives them an ego that they are “Good”. The Satanic ego, which is different from every other ego there is. This is because we are considered not like everyone else or freaks, our egos must be different. We have to have an ego,

yet still be approachable. I think that explains itself. Another secret to successful magick that I did not mention, is the accentuation of various parts of the ritual. The words, how it is worded, etc. For example, when doing a Black Mass, you need to make sure that the Four Crown Princes hear you, know that you are paying a tribute to them for their services, even tho you commanded them to do so.

Respect is a major aspect of the accentuation. This also applies other types of rituals. Such as healing, you want to make sure the person or yourself gets healed, you need to accentuate that. Or if you are trying to attain something, be it spiritual or material. You need to accentuate your goal. Accentuations also include pronunciation. IF you are working in magickal languages, such as enochian, or sumerian, etc, you have to say them right for it to work. If you dont, then the spirit or entity you are talking to or commanding will not understand you, therefore, not complete what you are asking. These are the little known secrets of magick and what makes it successful.

Secrets to Successful Magick – By Rev. Satrinah Nagash