The Self Baptismal Into the Glory of Hell

You must send proof that you preformed this rite to one of the Tribunal members for the Church of Lucifer to recognize your Magickal name and official rank.

Proof may be audio or video of the ritual taking place.

Before :

Before the ritual you will need to have the proper altar as well as the knowledge of how to purify the Chambers.

This should be the first ritual you ever perform with the C.O.L. in Magick. AttireStraight black clothing or a ritual robe is required.

The Ritual :

Purify the Chamber!

Place your hand over a candle and say: “By Satan, be blessed by fire” Wave air in your face and say: “By Lucifer, be blessed by air” Sprinkle salt on your head and say: “By Belial, be blessed by earth” Moisten your brow with water and say: “By Leviathan, be blessed by water” “Zorabia” Now raise your left arm and hit the inside of your forearm with the “FLAT END” of the blade from your ritual dagger and say: “I now bear the invisible mark of the Church of Lucifer and always shall, Zorabia!” Ring the bell!

The Self Baptismal into the Glory of Hell By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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