Sequana, Goddess of France’s Seine River, held court at a healing shrine at the river’s source, established in the second or first century BCE, although a more rustic shrine may have existed earlier. The Romans later expanded it into a major sanctuary, building two temples and other structures centered on the springs and pools. Documented evidence dating back at least as far as the first century BCE indicates that her springs were considered to have healing properties. Modern research has failed to identify any therapeutic minerals, so either the water has changed, there’s something we’re not recognizing, or the healing properties derive completely from spiritual sources.

Sequana heals all ailments, but her specialties are eye disorders and respiratory problems.


A beautiful, regal woman wearing robes and a diadem stands alone in a duck-shaped boat.


Bull, dog



Sacred site:

Fontes Sequanae, meaning “Fountains of Sequana,” at the source of the Seine near Dijon, was apparently first established in the Iron Age. Physicians, priests, and priestesses were in residence. Healing dreams were incubated and hydrotherapy practiced.


Ex-votos in the form of body parts (milagros), coins, fruit, jewelry, financial offerings on behalf of clean water.


  • Sirona
  • Sulis



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