Sick Christian Society

Christianity's tremendous hold in our society has great effect in the minds of the mediocre masses. Because most people are fed with christian morals and dogma, the non-christian individuals and groups (pagans, atheists, Satanists, etc..) are having a hard time dealing with society especially the neophytes.

One of the problems that Satanists, atheists, and pagans are facing is discrimination. We, of the Left Hand Path had always been judged by narrow-minded people as 'wicked' , 'bad influence' , and other things that alludes to negativity and perversions. Some self-righteous Jesuits and morons warn others and our 'would-be friends' that we belong to Satan and we bring chaos to mankind.

We are condemned and cursed just because we don't believe in god and because we are not christians.

They label us abnormal, freaks, evil, sinners, and Demons. We are not here to shock the sheep, we are here to live our own lives the way we want to.

Whatever we believe in, it's non of their business.

We choose whatever religion we want, it's our philosophy, our way of life no matter how sinister it is in the eyes of christian herd.

We are always criticized. These stupid people loves to judge what they do not know, WE KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO!

Christians will never understand because they don't want to. We don't need their attention, praise, nor understanding.

Their 'Holy Bible' already burned us in hell.


By Frater Akuma

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