Greek Silens are a sub-species of centaur: • Centaurs are four-legged horse-men hybrids. • Silens typically have only two equine legs attached to a man’s head and upper body. They usually also sport equine ears and a horse tail. Silens are generally considered to be pleasure-seeking but lazy spirits. Like satyrs, they are sexually insatiable: the terms satyr and silen are sometimes used interchangeably. They are big, lusty stallions but with the mind and voice of a man. Silens are closely associated with Nymphs, who are their consorts, companions, friends, and possibly mothers. Silens are described as being the children of Nymphs. Some theorize that they are the children of Silenus and various Nymphs. Like Silenus, they drink a lot.


Silens may appear as hybrid equine-men or as horned men or just plain naked, drunk men.


Wine, wine, wine (and then some more wine)

See Also:

Kallikantzari; Nymph; Silenus


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