The Sixth of the Scrolls of Ain – Mud Religions

1. The mud-religions include, in no order: Muslim (All forms), Christianity, Wicca and Jewry. By muds, I mean of spiritual and intellectual depravity they want you to see their gods’ infinite love or DIE!

2. Even if man has the divine spark, it does not mean they are all ready for god-hood. A god is a creature of infinite manifestation. Most of the muds I have met could hardly find Waldo. Our natural world is of jesters and fools; yet, our children are forced to idolize incompetence. What will be of a world run by those who cannot control their urges and will, are to lead us onward? I believe in my utopia!

3. They cannot sustain themselves or their own realities. They need help to simply exist in the world in which we thrive. They feed on their own people. They rob from their own family and attack of their own supposed beloved. For they know no love, they know not the feeling of a gentle touch and the words of a tender love, or what these things can do for their kind. Love to them is attachment and a bond forged in material deeds and not the most intimate emotion and highest magickal working that it is to us. They give their love wholly to their God and therefore cannot share the joy of love fully with another. Their reality is vile, obscene, violent and utterly unintelligent.

4. Those of whom feel pity for these mud people are, of course, no better than the muds. We are strong! We are iron made flesh! We are the highest embodiment of life and infinite manifestation in all its forms. We are gods and they are mongrels, beasts, and inept raunch from the bowels of an impure mud-religion.

5. To hell with those who have little in mind and little future to look forward to. Oh how they take up space in which I could roam! Oh how they take up air that I could breathe! They are a plague upon the strong and a parasite upon the earth our mother! We are dragons, we are wolves, they are merely sheep and maggots and the only cure to the parasitic problem is through the strongest pesticide there is, STRENGTH!

The Sixth of the Scrolls of Ain – Mud Religions by Rev. Frederick Nagash

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