Sleepy Hollow

If you live in, or around, the Northumberland County area of Pennsylvania, you may have heard of the legend of Sleepy Hollow. There is no headless horseman in this legend, however. The place known as Sleepy Hollow rests in a wooded area behind the Kulpmont Cemetery located just outside of Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, near a town called Den Mar Gardens. The area is eerie, silent, and still considered to be part of the Kulpmont Cemetery. Numerous decapitated tombstones lie in a thick overgrown area of broken-down trees and weeds.

When entering Sleepy Hollow, you find yourself walking under what seems to be a tunnel of trees. The story of Sleepy Hollow sounds like that of a local legend, but curiosity has taken over many individuals who have decided to venture to this location. The legend says that many years ago, three young men ventured into the cemetery, that at the time was not overgrown. The three young men, for reasons unknown, decided to tear down a large, cement cross, which stood in the center of the cemetery on a cement platform.

They destroyed the monument. After wrecking the cross, it is said that they got into a deadly car accident, and all three died. There is another local legend stating that in the 1980s and the early 90s, this location was used to perform Satanic rituals. It is believed that numerous Satanic symbols can be found carved on trees here—though we did encounter carvings on the trees, we couldn’t be certain of their meaning. There are numerous unexplained accounts that come from this location.

One popular legend states that at exactly midnight, you can hear an old organ playing. There have been other reports of hearing strange noises here as well. My group, the Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Researchers, ventured into this location on two different nights. When entering Sleepy Hollow, an eerie feeling had taken over. We felt as though we were being watched as we walked along the long, tunnel-like path. Various tombstones were barely visible in the thick brush along the path.

Some of the tombstones were destroyed and looked very aged, while others looked as if they had been recently placed there. We then entered the center of the Hollow, which is where the large cross once stood. The cement platform is still there. We proceeded to walk along the path. While doing this, we received a few electromagnetic field spikes, and we were startled after hearing a few awkward noises after passing a fallen tree that had blocked off the path. An uneasiness followed us throughout our investigation until we left Sleepy Hollow.

Written by — Jess Kroh Co-Founder, Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Researchers




Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger