[dropcap]S[/dropcap]toicheomancy or Stoichomancy may refer to:


  • A method of divination by opening the works of Homer or Virgil and reading orally the first verses seen.
  • A branch of Bibliomancy the uses pin in divination process.


Derived from the Greek stoikheion ('element') and manteia ('prophecy')


In the Middle Ages, the use of Virgil's Aenid for divination was popular in Europe and was known as the 'sortes Virgilianae'.


Stoicheomancy has many variations. One variation suggests that the blindfolded querent or diviner sticks a pin in a book or text like the Bible and open it at random. The marked world will be related as the response for the query.
Other occult traditions declare that Stoicheomancy should be performed using the books of Homer and Virgil only.
In medieval times, a Bible is laid on a child's head to induce sleep while reading the Bible to a pregnant woman can result to safe delivery.

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