In Greek mythology, the River Styx forms the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead, encircling Hades nine times. The goddess Styx is the spirit of that river. Styx, the eldest daughter of Oceanos and Tethy, is a goddessof death, oblivion, justice, and honesty. According to classical myth, Styx was among those gathering flowers with Persephone just before her abduction. According to an alternative myth, Styx and Zeus are Persephone’s parents.

Styx is the guardian of oaths, an honor bestowed upon her because she and her children were the first spirits to support Zeus’ reign. She is his loyal ally. If the Olympians fight or if one is suspected of lying, Iris is sent to fetch Styx. Iris alerts Styx when Olympian oaths are sworn by filling a vessel with cold water and letting it rain down on her rocky roof. Oaths were sworn on water drawn from the River Styx. Spirits who perjure themselves on Styx water fall into a coma that lasts a year, Sleeping Beauty style. Even after awakening, nine years of punishment follows. Only in the tenth year can their old position be reclaimed.

Spirit allies:

Zeus and her children Bia, Nike, Cratos, and Zelos.

Realm: Styx, a solitary spirit, dwells in Hades in her own beautiful, private home set apart from those of the other residents of Hades. Her roof is formed of huge rocks.


Bia; Hades; Iris; Nike, Oceanid; Oceanos; Olympian Spirits; Persephone; Prometheus; Tethys; Titans; Zeus


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