Sudar Singh

Sudar Singh is a spiritual figure who was claimed by Paul Twitchell, the founder of Eckankar, to be his spiritual teacher. According to Twitchell, he met Sudar Singh during his travels in India in the 1950s and was initiated into the spiritual path by him.

Sudar Singh is described as a master or guru who taught Twitchell the techniques and practices of Eckankar, which he then shared with his followers. Twitchell wrote about his experiences with Sudar Singh in his books, including “The Tiger’s Fang” and “The Spiritual Notebook.”

However, there is some controversy surrounding Sudar Singh, as some critics have suggested that he may have been a fictional character created by Twitchell. Others have suggested that Sudar Singh may have been a real person, but that Twitchell may have embellished his experiences with him for dramatic effect.

Despite the controversy, Sudar Singh remains an important figure within Eckankar and is considered by followers to be a revered spiritual teacher.

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