The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology – Andrew Barger

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The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology - Andrew BargerThis classic werewolf anthology was picked as a Gothic Book Club Award Winner. In general, transformation of the werewolf in literature made its greatest strides in the 19th century when the shape-shifting monster leaped from poetry to the short story. It happened when this shorter form of literature was morphing into darker shapes thanks in no small part to Edgar Allan Poe, Honoré de Balzac, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Prosper Mérimée, James Hogg, and so many others in Europe and the United States.The fifty year period between 1800 and 1849 is truly the cradle of all werewolf short stories. For the first time in one anthology, Andrew Barger, award winning author of Coffee with Poe: A Novel of Edgar Allan Poe’s Life and The Best Horror Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Horror Anthology, has compiled the best werewolf stories from this period.

  • 1831 The Man-Wolf by Leitch Ritche (1800-1865)
  • 1846 A Story of a Weir-Wolf by Catherine Crowe (1790-1872)
  • 1828 The Wehr-Wolf: A Legend of the Limousin by Richard Thomson (1794-1865)
  • 1839 The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains by Captain Frederick Marryat (1792-1848)
  • 1838 Hugues the Wer-Wolf: A Kentish Legend of the Middle Ages by Sutherland Menzies

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The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology - Andrew Barger



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