The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine

Our Order was established in 326 of the Common Era. The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine, and has been deemed a secret society since 584 of the Common Era. However, we have always preferred to be considered a Seclusionary Monastic Order of Celtic Pagan and Druidic Clergy, protectorates and anonymous financial backers of Celtic Pagan and Druid Temples throughout the world.

On 01 November 2021, The Celtic Pagan and Druidic Order of Constantine’s elected Queen Morrigan mainstreamed the Order after just over 1435 years of being in seclusion. Our Queen, who is in her second year of her second five year elected term has been considered one of the most progressive Queens the Order has been blessed with, and with the approval of her Council of Elder Crones, (advisors who are previous Queens and senior female clergy) our Queen mainstreamed the Order and reopened the Order to ALL Celtic Pagan and Druid temples, clergy and followers….. She did this in a ceremony and proclamation that is in our records, now as The Manchester Edict of the Tuatha Dé Danann. As our Queen is located in Manchester, UK.

I am one of 13 Master High Priests/ Priestesses. There are 9 women and 4 men who are currently Masters who serve as regional daimyos. I am the Regional Daimyo of the Western EU and UK.

Based on recent archaeological and paleontological finds, our Queen has made a mandate that the headquarters of the Order be located in Waterford City, County Waterford, in the Republic of Ireland.

We are extremely grateful for the announcement of our reemergence into the mainstream society.