The Conjuring (2013)

“The Conjuring” is a 2013 supernatural horror film directed by James Wan. It is the first installment in what has since become a successful horror film franchise known as “The Conjuring Universe.” The film is based on the real-life paranormal investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were prominent demonologists and investigators of paranormal phenomena.


“The Conjuring” is set in the early 1970s and follows the story of the Perron family, who move into an old farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Shortly after their arrival, the family begins experiencing a series of disturbing and unexplained events, including strange noises, objects moving on their own, and ghostly apparitions.

Desperate for help, the Perrons contact Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators. The Warrens are well-known for their expertise in dealing with cases of demonic possession and haunting. As they delve deeper into the Perron family’s situation, they uncover a dark and malevolent presence that is tormenting the family.

As the supernatural activity intensifies, the Warrens and the Perrons are forced to confront a powerful and malevolent entity that threatens not only the family but also the investigators themselves. The film culminates in a tense and terrifying battle against the supernatural forces at play in the haunted farmhouse.


“The Conjuring” explores themes commonly found in supernatural horror films, including the presence of malevolent spirits, demonic possession, and the vulnerability of ordinary families facing paranormal phenomena. The film also delves into the theme of faith, as the Warrens’ Catholic beliefs play a significant role in their approach to confronting the supernatural.


  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron
  • Ron Livingston as Roger Perron
  • Joey King as Christine Perron
  • Mackenzie Foy as Cindy Perron


“The Conjuring” received critical acclaim upon its release. Critics and audiences praised its effective use of suspense, atmosphere, and jump scares, as well as the strong performances of the cast. The film was also noted for its commitment to practical effects and a focus on building tension through storytelling rather than relying solely on gore and violence.

“The Conjuring” was a commercial success and became a significant entry in the horror genre. Its success spawned a cinematic universe of interconnected horror films, including sequels, spin-offs, and prequels, such as “Annabelle,” “The Conjuring 2,” “The Nun,” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

Overall, “The Conjuring” is often considered a modern classic of the horror genre and is known for revitalizing interest in supernatural horror films. It has become a cornerstone of “The Conjuring Universe” and has contributed to the resurgence of horror cinema in the 2010s.

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