The Devil Inside (2012)

“The Devil Inside” is a 2012 supernatural horror film directed by William Brent Bell. The film is presented in a found footage/documentary style and revolves around the subject of exorcism. While it generated a lot of anticipation leading up to its release, it received mixed-to-negative reviews from both critics and audiences.


The film begins with a disclaimer, suggesting that the events depicted are based on true events and that the Vatican does not endorse the film. It then follows the story of Isabella Rossi (played by Fernanda Andrade), a young woman whose mother, Maria (played by Suzan Crowley), brutally murdered three people during an exorcism in 1989. Maria was subsequently committed to a psychiatric hospital in Italy, and Isabella has been trying to understand her mother’s actions and her own family’s history.

Isabella decides to travel to Italy to investigate her mother’s case further, accompanied by a documentary filmmaker named Michael (played by Ionut Grama) and a camera operator named David (played by Evan Helmuth). Along the way, they meet a group of rogue exorcists who perform unauthorized exorcisms, and Isabella becomes drawn into their world.

As the group investigates Maria’s case, they witness a series of increasingly terrifying and violent exorcisms. Isabella begins to question her beliefs and sanity as she confronts supernatural forces beyond her understanding. The film builds toward a shocking and abrupt conclusion.


“The Devil Inside” explores themes related to demonic possession, exorcism, and the conflict between science and faith. It raises questions about the nature of evil and the effectiveness of exorcisms in battling malevolent forces.


“The Devil Inside” received largely negative reviews from critics. Many criticized the film’s abrupt ending, which leaves numerous plot threads unresolved, and its reliance on found footage tropes. The lack of closure in the conclusion frustrated both critics and audiences.

Despite the negative reviews, “The Devil Inside” performed well at the box office, which can be attributed to its marketing campaign and the public’s interest in the exorcism genre. However, the film’s divisive ending led to significant disappointment among viewers.

While “The Devil Inside” may not be considered a critical success, it has found a niche audience among fans of supernatural horror and exorcism-themed movies. It is an example of a found footage-style film within the horror genre, and its controversial ending has sparked discussions among horror enthusiasts.

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