The Haunted Table – Ghost Story

When my brothers (all three older than me) and I were much younger, we lived for several years with my grandparents. ( It is the house I now live in, inherited from my grandparents and the house I have spoken of before). After the following story occurred, I, in little sister fashion, found it to be much more amusing than scary. Of course, if I had been a witness to these particular events, I am positive that my entire outlook regarding the situation would have drastically changed.

While growing up, my three older brothers had a great passion for peanut butter. Each evening, as a nightly ritual, they would demand a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for their evening snack. So great was this passion, I have seen a half a jar of peanut butter disappear at one sitting.

On this particular evening, all three boys were very animate about getting their snack from my mother. She had been busy working in the kitchen, but finally gave in to their insistence, and took a fresh jar of peanut butter from the kitchen shelf. The jar had never been opened, and the factory seal was still intact. My brothers gathered around the kitchen table, all eyes glued to the peanut butter jar, anxiously awaiting their treat. As my mother retrieved the bread from the bread box, three pairs of expectant eyes were trained on the jar. Suddenly, just as my mother turned back to the table, the lid on the peanut butter jar slowly began unscrewing–without the help of any seen hand!! After it had completed its rotations, the lid turned up on its edge, and slowly circled the rim of the jar. As _FOUR_ pairs of shocked eyes watched, it then settled itself back on the jar, and tightened.

Needless to say, no one felt very hungry after this, and everyone passed on having a sandwich that night! he, he Who says a ghost doesn’t have a sense of humor?

© Paulette Boyd

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