The Mancill House

Mancill House was erected in 1918 by Howard E. Mancill and has served 14 families, two of which were headed by Episcopal priests. The house is of Middle European design, made of brick and wood, with the distinction of two front doors. Previous owners have made changes to the original construction—the screenedin back porch was converted into a breakfast nook in the 1970s, the original kitchen layout was disturbed, and a small room upstairs was opened into the master bedroom.

The current owners since 2003 are Keith and Jana Majors, who have twin 12- year-old children and a Shih-Tzu dog. The children’s mother (from a previous marriage), Lindsey Majors, frequently visits from out of town. The Majors family is undertaking a restoration project on Mancill House.

Tulsa Ghost Investigators were contacted after the family continued to experience many unexplained events, including “heat shimmers,” loud knocking on bedroom doors, music that continues to play after the stereo is turned off, strange dreams, being tripped on the staircase, and the sighting of a tall man with a beard. The family also reported a sense of being watched. Mists have been seen in the upper hallway, and the chandelier in the master bedroom moves by itself.

One of the most profound events occurred at 3 a.m. in early fall of 2003. The current Mrs. Majors and the dog were alone in the house. Both heard a “man” entering the home using a key. The man came up the staircase and then quietly knocked on a door down the hallway.

Later it was revealed that two blocks down the street at the same time as the encounter, a drunken man used a key to let himself into the home he once owned and was shot dead on the staircase by the new homeowner, who mistook him for a burglar. The incident coincided exactly with the event Mrs. Majors experienced.

Tulsa Ghost Investigators investigated Mancill House on Friday, August 13, 2004. The initial sweep produced normal readings—there were no unusual spikes from the ELF or geomagnetic meters. However, there was a definite feel of energy on the staircase and in the upstairs hallway, as felt during the preliminary investigation. That evening, we conducted three onehour sit-down sessions where we turn off all power in the building, set up our equipment in pertinent locations, then sit quietly and record what happens.

We received several knocks and pops. Visible points of light were witnessed on the staircase as was a mild mist and some dark shadows. During the investigation, TGI researcher Becky noted her setup time as 9:03 p.m. At 10:56 p.m., she noticed her watch had stopped at precisely 9:03 p.m. Her watch began working normally after the investigation was finished.

Becky’s psychic impression was that of a small child on the staircase. The spirit was too shy to visit with Tulsa Ghost Investigators. Eight EVP have been recorded to date at the Mancill House. Seven are male voices, which is important considering that all present for the investigation were female. The name Ally was spoken in the first hallway EVP. Approximately three minutes later, a second “Ally” was recorded but this time a spike of the ELF meter was also recorded.

EVP were recorded on Olympus and RCA digital recorders. Several photos of orbs were taken by both the Mavica Digital and the 35mm 800 speed cameras. One taken by the 35mm shows a potential vortex in the daughter’s bedroom. The orbs range from clusters to faces with beards and lips protruding to large, milky orbs with apparent movement.

Written by — Vicky Glidewell Psychic/Medium and Founder, Tulsa Ghost Investigators


Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger

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