Themis is the spirit of Earth’s wisdom. Her name may mean “steadfast.” She is a goddess of justice, righteousness, and sacred knowledge. Themis may be an independent goddess or an avatar of Gaia. She is sometimes described as Gaia’s soul. Themis, a prophetess, manifests the inherent oracular powers of Earth. She is the spirit of order and the social instinct that enables people to form communities. Themis presides over what is right and just, not necessarily what is legal.

Themis is the daughter of Gaia and Uranus. Depending on whether one counts Dione, Themis may be Zeus’ first wife. The Horae and Moirae (the Hours and Fates) are sometimes described as their daughters.

Themis and Zeus seem to have parted amicably. She is the presiding secretary of the Olympian pantheon. Themis is the goddess who convenes and dissolves their meetings. Zeus cannot convene them. When he wishes to meet, he requests that Themis call meetings to order. She also presides over Olympian feasts and social gatherings. If you need to communicate with the entire pantheon or a substantial percentage, rather than invoking each spirit individually, Themis may be requested to convene them for you.


Themis is portrayed seated beside Zeus advising him or gazing into a pan of water so that she can divine the future.


Dione; Gaia; Horae; Moirae; Olympian Spirits; Prometheus; Zeus; and the Glossary entry for Avatar


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