The Third of the Scrolls of Ain – the Scroll of the Blue Angel of Ain

1. Lesser magick is the manipulation of certain universal laws or properties to focus energy(ies) upon the Magickians' will to change something in the natural world. The will is the prime and only factor in whether magick works or not!

2. Everything in this world is a manifestation of our own will, whether it is for better or worse, we are solely responsible.

3. Knowing that we control our own destiny, leads to control of the self, which leads to control of the will, which leads to control of the natural world.

4. To use the will to alter the natural world you must utilize magickal practice. Through magick, the mind, body and “Divine Spark” become as one.

5. At birth you perform your first act of magick, you show the will to live. Any and every willful act, is a magickal one!

6. Through magick one will achieve: · Self-Realization · Self-Actualization · Self-Creation · And eventually Self-Deification.

7. Of all creatures on the earth, we are graced with what I call “The Divine Spark” and what others call a “Soul”. Having the divine spark is what separates man from the other animals on the earth.

8. Both men and women share in this divine spark, it is universal. To acknowledge the magickal self is for the first time, feel the soul/divine spark.

9. The divine spark works as the fuel for the will to perform the magick. All of the magickians' energies, whether they be magickal energies or what have you, they are fueled also by the spark. Lesser magickal workings require very little energy and that's the reason why most magickians have never experienced the spark, as most never really move past lesser workings. Greater workings have a much deeper power radiating directly from the divine spark, hence why it causes such great change.

The Third of the Scrolls of Ain – The Scroll of the Blue Angel of Ain by Rev. Frederick Nagash



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