Time and Dimension Travel

Some people who believe that it is possible to move either mentally or physically time and back and forth through time, and perhaps through other dimensions of reality as well, say that the ability explains certain types of paranormal phenomena. For example, sightings that appear to be of aliens and their spacecraft might actually be of humans and technology from another time or another dimension on Earth, and precognition—visions of the future—might be the result of the mind’s ability to travel through time. Along the same lines, some people theorize that sightings of mysterious creatures like bigfoot might be the result of the mind’s ability to travel to another dimension or realm where these beings live. Believers have not been able to prove that time or dimension travel can occur. However, serious scientists have developed theories to explain how such travel might be possible. For example, some physicists say that the laws of quantum physics, which deal with the behaviour of matter at the subatomic level, suggest the existence of a particle known as a tachyon is a possibility. This particle, if it exists, would travel faster than the speed of light and therefore, based on ideas developed by physicist Albert Einstein, might also be able to travel backward in time. Similarly, some people believe that quantum mechanics allows for multiple time lines and multiple dimensions because it suggests that, although light allows us to see only one universe, there might be a series, or wave, of universes. No theories have been developed to explain whether or how a body or mind might be able to cross into a parallel dimension or a different time period, if indeed such a possibility exists at all. However, believers in the paranormal have suggested that only certain people have the ability to time or dimension travel, and this ability is an evolutionary development. In other words, because the ability provides a certain survival advantage, the number of people capable of time or dimension travel has increased with each generation. This would explain, they say, why reports of paranormal experiences, like sightings of aliens and reports of precognitive visions, have increased in modern times.


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