Torelia is a plane unlike most would encounter on the astral plane. I have written all of the Orders' Magickal practices while in travel to Torelia. Torelia has three outer planes:

• • •

The Plane of Hymn or Praise The Plane of the Gods (Resurrection of Ones' Inner God) The Plane of Zorabia Minor 2-4-5-7-8

Torelia also encompasses three inner planes:

• • •

The Plane of Spirits (Necromancy) The Plane of Dreams The Plane of Major Zorabia 1-3-6-9

The three outer planes are traveled through mental preparation and training, while the three inner planes are traveled once the three outer planes are mastered. Through Zorabia, we learn magick must always move forward and never linger, or it can become boring and repetitive. For this reason the Order will constantly evolve into more then just a singular facet of studies. We will be searching for “Magickians” with the title of Magus in our Order to form new sects of the Order based on varied occult studies! All “Torelians” are encouraged to study Torelian Magick as well as any other facet of the left-handpath. Torelian Magick involves using the four basic elements of alchemy-Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as well as Universe, Will, Energy, and Imagery. Everything in Torelian Magick represents and has reason for being there, the altar being the prime example of this fact. The Mind, Body, and Spirit being all encompassing as the microcosm and the universe being vast and unexplored as the macrocosm, are another thing represented and used in Torelian Magick, this is why training is needed. After the student reaches the rank of “Apprentice”, they become just that under one of the “Magus” of one of the sect. of the Order or directly under Rev. Frederick Nagash 0*. The Order hopes to bring back the true occult traditions of the world and eradicate the mass perception of it. Through this facet of Magick we hope to accomplish this!

Hail Torelia!!! Zorabia!!!

Torelia By Rev. Frederick Nagash

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