True Paranormal Hauntings – Max Mason Hunter

True Paranormal Hauntings - Max Mason Hunter12 Stories To Give You Goosebumps: True Paranormal Hauntings Of Haunted Neighborhoods, People, Forests And True Ghost Stories It is as scary as it is exciting: this is how most people would describe a paranormal experience. While others encounter it even when they don’t want to, others search for the thrill, going so far as visiting places out of the country just so they can feel the suspense. Haunted forests, abandoned ghost towns, creepy creatures, cursed roads, and other paranormal events – all these things happen for a reason.

Murder victims manifest themselves perhaps because their justice is still not achieved, or perhaps, they simply were not ready to go… In this book you will learn of 12 stories: haunted houses, eerie ghost towns, murder victims who became ghosts, forests with supernatural phenomena, a haunted road, a man who changed his personality right after he received a kidney from a child donor, and of course, scary humanoid creatures with pitch black eyes. If you decide to read this book tonight, then prepare to feel restless, as the stories will follow you to your sleep…

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