A tsukumogami is in Japanese folklore, a type of Mononoke, or poltergeist, that inhabits tools. Tsukumogami means “old tool spirits.” In many respects, they resemble the Brownie, as they will perform chores by themselves at night. If the tools are mistreated, neglected or discarded, however, the tsukumogami take revenge by attacking the human perpetrators at night while they sleep. There are many different tsukumogami. The hohkigami, for example, inhabit old brooms. At night they happily go about cleaning up and dusting a home.


The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits – Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley  – September 1, 2007

Tsukumogami are ordinary household objects and appliances that become animated on their one-hundredth birthday. Look around. Tsukumogami could be anything. They are generally benevolent, even pleasant spirits unless they were mistreated. They will pursue vengeance against those who were rough or careless with them. Objects that were thrown away or broken may search out their malefactors. The character Ren from the Japanese anime series Hell Girl (Jigoku Shouju) is a fictional example of a Tsukumogami.





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