The Universal Master Key – Franz Bardon

The Universal Master Key - Franz BardonThis new text by Franz Bardon not only contains the master keys to spiritual development, but also the universal keys to every element and to every positive attribute with which you can learn to control and overcome your negative attributes.

In this text Franz Bardon lists each virtue a Hermetic adept should cultivate and the powers that each attribute opens within the practitioner. As the tentative student transforms his vices into virtues and cultivates harmony and balance throughout his entire being, he discovers that all aspects of his path are interdependent.

  • As he masters his concentration and meditation exercises he gains greater control over himself.
  • As he masters his short comings his ability to meditate and focus increases.
  • As he masters the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire within himself his powers over the external forces increase in dramatic proportion.

In truth, the master of the magical arts is he who has truly mastered himself.

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The Universal Master Key - Franz Bardon