Urticariaomancy is a divination by the location of an itch.


Derived from the New Latin urticaria ('hives') and Greek manteia ('prophecy')


There are various superstitions regarding the possible divinatory meaning of an itch and here are some of them:

  • Head – An advance in position and general good luck.
  • Right Ear – Someone is speaking well of you
  • Left Ear – Someone is speaking ill of you.
  • Right Cheek – Someone is speaking well of you.
  • Left Cheek – Someone is speaking ill of you.
  • Right Eye or Eyebrow – Meeting or hearing from an old friend.
  • Left Eye or Eyebrow – A big disappointment.
  • Nose (inside) – Troubles and sorrows.
  • Nose (outside) – You will be kissed, cursed, annoyed, or meet a fool within the hour.
  • Lips – Someone is speaking disrespectfully about you.
  • Back of the neck – Illness of a relative.
  • Right Shoulder – Legacy.
  • Left Shoulder – Sorrow.
  • Right Elbow – Pleasant and exciting news.
  • Left Ebow – Bad news or losses.
  • Right Palm – Much money
  • Left Palm – You will have to pay a debt
  • Spine – Disappointments.
  • Stomach – A dinner invitation.
  • Thighs – A change of residence.
  • Right Knee – A happy journey. Kneeling in a strange place.
  • Left Knee – A trip beset with misfortune. Jealous of someone.
  • Shins – An unpleasant surprise.
  • Left Ankle – A marriage or paying out money.
  • Right Ankle – Receiving money
  • Feet – A difficult journey
  • All Over Your Body – Trouble in business usually caused by enemies.

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