The Uses of Dowsing

Dowsers claim their art has successfully been used:

  • to instruct children in developing their psychic abilities;
  • to find accident-prone highway sections;
  • in veterinary diagnosis;
  • for automobile diagnosis (car dowsing);
  • to derive information in a pending malpractice suit;
  • in narcotics detection;
  • to find fish in the lake;
  • to find archaeological sites and artifacts;
  • for finding downed planes or tracking submarines and ships;
  • to check an area for snakes;
  • in sport hunting (e.g., dowsing for deer);
  • to find unmarked graves;
  • to find lost objects or valuables, murder weapons,…
  • to find missing persons
  • for checking the “accuracy” of students’ homework;
  • to determine if letters, wills, paintings, and signatures are genuine or forged;
  • to track storms;
  • for use in astrology and most other forms of the occult;
  • to detect multiple personalities or spirit possession;
  • to find “subconscious blocks”;
  • to determine the soil composition and fertilizer needs of one’s
  • house or garden plants;
  • to sort eggs to determine the sex of the chick;
  • to track down hunted criminals;
  • to uncover a spouse’s infidelity;
  • to locate “subluxations” or cavities if we are chiropractors or dentists;
  • to forecast the weather;
  • to measure intelligence;
  • to detect pregnancy;
  • to find the “right” medical specialist for rare diseases by dowsing the phone book;
  • to find ghosts or poltergeists;
  • to detect acupuncture points;
  • to determine the height, weight, and age of kidnappers or rapists;
  • to detect oncoming earthquakes;
  • to determine edible plants in the wilderness;
  • to find avalanche victims;
  • to determine the composition of moon rocks;
  • to determine whether or not a planet is inhabited;
  • to diagnose the conditions of the astronauts before they land.