The Diamond Sow

Also known as:

Vajra Dakini; Vajrayogini; Dorje Pakmo


Buddha; Dakini; Yidam

Vajravahari, gorgeous yogini and adept, is a spirit of transmutation. She oversees the transformation from mundane to magical and holy. She is the presiding spirit of sacred enlightenment. Vajravahari is the epitome of wisdom and the essence of pleasure. She is among the most important meditation deities and a path to enlightenment.

Vajravahari Buddha is credited with the creation of dzi beads, much coveted, mysterious, sacred stone beads. According to Tibetan myth, once upon a time, when Tibet was overwhelmed by illness and despair, Vajravahari, in her compassion, released dzi beads from the sky. Dzi beads transmit and radiate her blessings of good fortune and protection from evil, illness, harm, and all danger.


Vajravahari is usually envisioned naked but for a diadem formed from five skulls. a garland of fifty severed heads and ornaments crafted of human bone. Her long hair hangs loose below her waist. She is fierce, wrathful, and laughing.


Vajravahari is usually depicted in sacred union with her consort, Paramasukha-Chakrasamvara (Ghantapa) but she is also sometimes portrayed alone or with her retinue.


Vajra chopper and a bowl formed from a skull



Animal: Sow

Sacred site:

Her shrine in Patan, Nepal

See Also:

Buddha; Dakini; Ghantapa; Vajra; Yidam


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