Variation: Stryz, Vieszcy, Vieszy, Vjescey, Vji-esce

A vampiric REVENANT from Russia, the viesczy is born either with a caul, with teeth, or as the child of a witch and a werewolf. After it has died, it will rise from its grave as a red-faced vampire seeking out its family or cattle to feed upon. It bites a hole in the chest, just over the heart, using a barb on the bottom of its tongue. It is possible to prevent the vampire from ever leaving its grave by tossing a handful of poppy or carrot seeds into the grave, as the viesczy will be compelled to count them.

Active between noon and midnight, the viesczy spends the rest of its time back in its grave, chewing upon its burial shroud, feet, and hands.

The only way to destroy a viesczy is to burn it to ash. However, care must be taken, because just like with the UPIER and the UPIERCZI, the viesczy’s body will explode, but rather than maggots, it will burst out into rats. Each and every one of these animals must be found and killed or else the vampire will return, seeking revenge.


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