The Butcher; The Barber



Wanzami is the official butcher, barber, circumciser, and scarifier (cicatrisation) of the Bori. This may sound mundane, but traditionally all these roles are considered sacred and charged with profound magic and spirituality. Wanzami, as befitting a spirit of his importance, serves as judge among the Bori and lives in the House of Sarkin Aljan Suleimanu, whom he serves as a personal adviser.

• His father is Mai Dawa, Owner of the Bush, Chief of the Bori House of Hunters.

• His mother is Barhaza, youngest sister of Inna; hence Suleimanu is his uncle.

• Wanzami was raised by his mother’s brother, Sarkin Fulani.

Wanzami is a close personal friend of Dan Galadima, who exerts considerable influence over him. They appear frequently together, enjoy each other’s company and are venerated together. The afflictions Wanzami causes include baldness, shaving rashes, sensitivity to shaving, painful ingrown hairs that are prone to infection, and slow healing or failure to heal after surgery. Operations gone wrong may be laid at Wanzami’s door.



Number: 10

See Also:

Barhaza; Bori; Dan Galadima; Inna; Mai Dawa; Sarkin Aljan Suleimanu; Sarkin Fulani

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