Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity – Damon Brand

Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity  – Damon BrandIn his popular Magickal Cashbook, author Damon Brand taught readers how to attract money in moments. In Wealth Magick, he reveals the closely guarded secrets of the super-rich.

The entire operation is made safe by three omnipotent angels who oversee the angels and demons that help you attain your desires. If the thought of working with demons makes you squeamish, try Magickal Riches instead.

This book is designed for those who want to focus on long term wealth creation. It is not designed for those in desperate poverty, but for those who can afford to turn their attention to wealth. As you can see from the reviews, it works for those who put the time and effort in, fearlessly. If you are afraid, or unwilling to make the commitment, it’s probably not for you.

Damon says, ‘To be clear, and for the sake of complete honesty, I am not super-rich, but I am extremely wealthy compared to where I was in previous years, and compared to my childhood I feel like a billionaire. To me this is extreme prosperity, because I never have to worry about money, I get to do everything I want to do, go the places I want and own the things I’ve always dreamed of having.’

How rich you become is up to you.

Wealth Magick concentrates the best magick into a series of workings that will enable you to attract the wealth you desire. If you want money, it’s yours.

You do not have to spend years performing endless spells or make offerings to dangerous spirits. This method has been concentrated into the purest magick. You begin attracting wealth from day one.

Magick is often over-complicated. Damon says, ‘Before you know it you’re trying ten different methods at once and your house is filled with candles, altars, incense and all sorts of images, crystals and magickal gadgets.’

The good news is that most of this can be thrown out. Everything you need is contained in Wealth Magick.

The magickal operations in this book are not about attracting a little extra cash. They are about creating a completely new lifestyle, based on a flow of extreme prosperity. This is not a quick fix, so only go ahead if you genuinely want to focus on creating wealth and if you are willing to accept the challenges and changes that come with extreme wealth.

You will discover:

  • The #1 mistake people make when trying to manifest money.
  • A set of secret seals, drawn from ancient texts and combined with modern magick.
  • How to find out what you really want, and perform your magick safely.
  • A quick ritual for attracting cash.
  • 7 wealth workings that can not be found anywhere else.

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Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity  – Damon Brand