White Lady

White Lady (2)

White Lady is also the name given to a species of European forest spirit, the equivalent of Fairies. In non-Celtic parts of Europe, many Fairies don’t wear green; they dress in white. These White Ladies live in packs in the wilderness. They generally do not emerge, or at least not without cause. They won’t bother you unless they perceive that you’ve invaded their forest home, in which case some are pretty lethal. If you come respectfully and with good intent, most will not harm you.

These White Ladies are sometimes invoked for healing and oracular information. Many are botanical experts and can identify herbal remedies for illnesses that have stymied conventional methods. They may be visited in the woods or via visualization.

Forest White Ladies are generally considered to be a combination of goddesses and ghosts. Ranks of the original nature spirits areswelled by souls of women who’ve come to join them. White Lady goddesses are death spirits who rule an afterlife realm: a woodland dance hall largely populated by women.

White Lady goddesses may be descendents of Swan Goddesses. Vila and Rusalka are sometimes classified as White Ladies. German forests house spirits who are simply called White Ladies.


Woodland White Ladies accept bread, milk, wine, honey, and dairy products, but they may enjoy champagne or a White Lady cocktail, too. See White Lady (1) for details.


  • Béfind;
  • Berchta;
  • Bereginy;
  • Ielle;
  • Rusalka;
  • Samovili;
  • Vila


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