Who is an Ainist

You may be an Ainist! If you’ve identified with what is written in this small tome you yourself may be an Ainist.

However Ainism is not a game, this is very real and not just for those whom identify but for those whom live it.

Ainists come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and from every country in the known world.

There are no requirements for dressing or acting in any matter contrary to yourself. If you believe and live the Ainic philosophy as laid out in this book feel free to further your knowledge of Ainism via our official website at https://oad.cjb.net [no longer active] if you find you are an Ainist feel free to join the O.A.D.

As a precautionary measure I have taken the liberty to trademark the following terms: Ainist, Ainism, Ordo Astrum Draconis, Ainic Draconian, Ainic Vampiric, Ainic.

Why you might ask, simple I’ve seen multiple other philosophies and religions groups formed under the guise of Satanism and they were the furthest thing from Satanic. I don’t want everyone and their mother to begin proclaiming themselves “Ainic Masters” and starting faulty groups based upon perverted principles of Ainism.

Only members in good standing with the O.A.D may use any of the mentioned terms.

Who is an Ainist? by Rev. Frederick Nagash



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