Why the Devil Improvise ?

I have been feeling a bit weary of the recent uprising of questions as to why, if we are open to all forms of the Occult, do we focus on the devil. To answer simply “WE DON'T”!!! Everything, philosophy and ritual wise, has been built around diversity for the student.

To practice the science of Magick, you must have an imagination. I personally find my beliefs in the darker side of the spectrum in Luciferianism/Yezidi, hence I write literature which shows this.

Yet, all members are not what might be coined as Luciferians or devil worshipers (Which I am happy about).

So, say for instance, your a “Setian”.

During the “Self-Initiation” ritual you can choose to change the part where you are blessed by the 4 Princes to look something like this;

Blow out a single candle and say “By Set, be blessed by darkness” “Xeper” “Zorabia”

You must simply use your imagination to fixate the ritual to your personal deities or philosophy.

Also the altar may be changed to your beliefs, we quite simply give you the example to follow.

The choices are up to you. But remember, imagination is the key to unlocking Magickal potential!!!

Why the Devil? Improvise… – By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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