Wierdos, Psychos and Nutcases

Weirdos, psychos and nutcases.

The internet is filled with them.

In the six years I have been on the internet, four of which in some official capacity, I have run into many people that fit in this category.

These people are classified as the parasitic psi- vamp. Here are a few examples of what I call them. These people claim they have experienced everything from being “raped by Satan” to being the “Dark Evil One from the Abyss”.

In the passing times, I have found more wackos than regular people who do not fit in the social norm. These parasites who like to, and try to play on one's emotions to get something from you.

It could be sympathy, pity, friendship or attention of some sort.

Sympathy Psi-Vamps

These particular types have more problems than ten people! It could be anything from having numerous, concurrent health problems to magickal “attacks” on them. They try to get help from whomever they can tell these problems to.

However, no matter how much you reassure them of our stance, their parasitic ways never cease!

Pity Psi-Vamps

These people are quite similar to the sympathy psi-vamps. The only difference is that the pity psivamps are in a constant state of depression. They think everything is so hopeless that they have given up. Then you feel sorry for them. BAM! Psi-vamp at work!

Friendship Psi-Vamps

This is the type that feels the need to be important. To do this, they surround themselves with people who they feel are “important” or are leaders. Here is one example: There is this one person I know, who would only talk to Rev. Nagash or myself. This person would never really talk to anyone else, even if they were referred to someone different. This is what goes through their mind: “They like me more that you. I am more important to them than you are.”

Attention Psi-Vamps

These are the most common psi-vamps that there are. These will say anything to get attention. These things that they say, vary so greatly, that it would take me at least two hours to list them all.

However, I will give a few examples.

1. They have “seen” or have been “raped by Satan” in the dreamworld, then feel it necessary to be a “Satanist” or whatever, because they were told to.

2. That the “devil” is their “Holy Father” and that they must appease him so that they don't incur his anger.

3. That the LHP is the “dark” side, when in reality it is enlightening, and about learning.

4. That they are controlled by Satan and must do his bidding.

5. Any belief in sacrifice of animals/children etc. to reach their means. (You do not need to kill in order to obtain in magick.)

These are only a few traits that define a wacko, psycho or nutcase. Beware who you talk to, befriend and associate with. You will save yourself problems in the long run!

Wierdos, Psychos and Nutcases – By Rev. Satrinah Nagash

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