Witches Investigating An Ancient Religion – T. C. Lethbridge

Witches Investigating An Ancient Religion - T. C. LethbridgeClues to T.C. Lethbridge’s books lie in their subtitles. Witches: Investigating an Ancient Religion is no exception. In his study of the old pagan gods of Britain, Lethbridge believed that witch cults had their roots in prehistory and eventually became a religion of the suppressed classes. Similarities between eastern and ancient western religions provided him with evidence of ancient collusion.

He believed Britain’s island status acted as a filter for external influences and ideas. No belief on the continent ever arrived intact which made the study of British customs so intriguing. His study of Dianic belief and the transmigration of souls led him to believe in a universal, controlling intelligence. He linked the concept of the evolving mind with the Laws of Karma, the Avatars and other religious teachings of the world and concluded that Druidic belief was not a million miles away from modern psychical research.

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Witches Investigating An Ancient Religion - T. C. Lethbridge

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