World Surveyor Man

World Surveyor Man

The Gander Prince; Gander Chief; Golden Prince

World Surveyor Man is the spirit hero of Siberia’s Finno-Ugric tribes. He is the seventh and youngest son of Numi-Tarem, the Sky Father, and the goddess Kaltes, born when his mother fell to Earth from Heaven. World Surveyor Man’s hands and feet are made from gold. He is the original golden goose.

World Surveyor Man’s primary function is to see all, know all, and protect people from whatever endangers them. When the sun goes down, he traverses the sky on his gleaming white horse. His horse is as magic as he is. If he turns his horse’s nose toward someone, that person is healed. (Alternative versions say the horse is goldor that World Surveyor Man rides in a sleigh drawn by swans, geese, ducks, or horses.)

World Surveyor Man gives shamans their power. In some Siberian cultures, this is meant abstractly, but in others it’s literal: he gives it directly to the shaman while they are entranced. World Surveyor Man lives in a seven-sided house with seven doors inside a sacred forest. Once upon a time people were expected to visit him three times a year at his home (or if not possible, at least send a lot of gifts). He is now identified with Saint George, Saint Nicholas, and sometimes Jesus Christ.


World Surveyor Man wears a golden hat and a garment with seven goose wings. He can adopt the form of any of his sacred creatures.


Amanita muscaria, the fly agaric mushroom; iron falcon; double-edged knife; a saddle with seven bells or tassels

Consort: The Swan Goddess

Creatures: Geese, swan, falcons, waterfowl, hares, mice, pike (fish)


Appeals to World Surveyor Man are made at night.





Number: 7

Ritual: Traditionally, if one wished to summon World Surveyor Man, four ritual metal plates, each bearing an image of the sun, were placed on the ground approximately where a horse’s four hooves would be. Alternatively, four silver cups similarly placed calls him, too. Archaeological evidence of silver trays associated with World Surveyor Man rituals, dating to the first millennium, have been found in areas associated with the Ugric tribes.


Kaltes; Swan Goddesses


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