X- Ray Vision

The paranormal ability to see into a person’s body to diagnose disease and potential problem areas.

More than a hundred years ago, German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen discovered an invisible form of radiation that could be used to make photographs of bones and organs inside a living human body. Many scientists were sceptical at first but over time they were convinced that this was perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in science and medicine.

Natasha Demkina, a teenaged girl from Saransk, Russia, claims to have X-ray-like vision, which lets her see inside human bodies, to make diagnoses that often are more accurate than those of doctors. Natasha says she has been able to see abnormalities down to the cellular level from the age of 10 and her mother says her readings are 100 per cent accurate. Widely recognized in Russia as ‘the girl with X-ray eyes’ , 17-year-old Natasha has convinced a number of patients, doctors and journalists that her powers are genuine. She reached the height of her popularity in 2004, but it began to decline that same year when she agreed to be tested by experts for a Discovery channel film. The experiments yielded disappointing results.

Another teenager with alleged X-ray vision is a 16-year-old called Adam from Vancouver, who claims to be able to use his X-ray vision to heal people. In fact, he’s credited with curing rock ’n’ roll legend Ronnie Hawkins of terminal pancreatic cancer.

The scientific community has yet to be convinced that Xray vision is a genuine phenomenon. Sceptics argue that most cases of X-ray vision can be explained by a remarkably simple but effective technique called cold reading, which is commonly used by fortune-tellers. Typically, the psychic fires questions or makes statements while looking for any that are confirmed or get a reaction.


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