Your Past Lives: A Reincarnation Handbook – Michael Talbot

Your Past Lives: A Reincarnation Handbook - Michael TalbotA person in touch with his or her past lives has discovered one of life’s most profoundly rewarding experiences. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to recall past lives does not require special powers or supernatural gifts. As this invaluable book shows, almost anyone with desire and determination can learn to summon memories from previous incarnations.This step-by-step guide will teach you how to open this illuminating window from your past: who you were, when you lived, whom you loved — and what role it all plays in your present life.You will learn how to call up past-life recollections in meditative states, normal waking states, and in dreams, and how to recognize past-life dreams you may already be having. With such tools as the Resonance Method, the Christos Technique, self-hypnosis and guided meditations, you will soon enter an extraordinary dimension — a world of endless, fascinating yesterdays and enlightened new tomorrows.”An explicit, step-by-step buide for remembering and exploring past lives . . . Will fascinate.” — The Tampa Tribune

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Your Past Lives: A Reincarnation Handbook -  Michael Talbot



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