Zorabia is a word which encompasses all of the numbers of the Four Crowned Ones. While performing a rite about 6 months ago, Mammon confessed his presence, I asked for wealth beyond wealth. Instead he gave me a word! I didn't know what to do with this word until I started using it in ritual, about two weeks later. It is like saying just the opposite of Shemhamforash (A word of power consisting of all he names of god in one word where as Zorabia is the names of the Four Princes of Hell as one). Through the Hebraic numerological system, I found it has all four numbers of the beast within it: 1-3-6-9, and is used as the supreme word of power now in the Torelian system of Magickal practice! Rather then ramble on Hail Satan, Hail Lucifer etc…Just Zorabia……

Liber Luciferi Preface

This is my second installment to “Liber Illuminatus” and also one of my most complex works I have written as of yet. I could not include my normal “Thanks list” in this tome however, nor could I take full credit for it’s creation as it was simply written predominantly through me by Mammon. This Holy or “Unholy” work to some, is my personal bible and study guide to illumination. I have gone through great perils to bring this information to those who read this now, I stand at risk of loosing my very life from some who would wish this text not to be written. I feel this book will help many whom have been blinded by faith and bring more humans happiness through the light of the most holy one, Lucifer. I cannot stress study of this guide enough as many hidden secrets lie ahead throughout this tome and may be discovered by those who truly wish to find them… —Once man secludes himself from the eyes of god, he becomes god! – Rev. Frederick Nagash This tome, published via electronic means for sole distribution of the Church of Lucifer and it’s I.3* adherents is a guide through esoteric Luciferian belief structures. The Church of Lucifer retains all legal rights to it’s publication and owns all rights to it’s distribution. If this manual of Luciferic religion is passed on to ANY of whom the Church of Lucifer wishes not to retain a copy, membership privileges will be revoked and legal matters may be ensued.

Zorabia By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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