Acutomancy is a divination form that uses pointed needles, like the sewing needles or pins to foretell the future by a diviner. The diviner usually holds seven needles or pins in his hands and then drops them onto a flat surface, the patterns in which they fall is what the diviner reads to do the fortune telling. Sometimes a white powder substance is used on the surface where the needles are to be dropped to give more depth to a reading.

Did you know that the divination art called acutomancy is a fortune telling method which uses sharp pointed needles or pins as a divination tool? The fortune teller or diviner uses the needles, usually seven in all, by dropping them onto a table or other flattened surface that is sprinkled with powder of some kind. These needles form certain patterns when they are dropped and these patterns are what the diviner reads the future by.

The use of thirteen needles or pins with ten being straight and the other three being bent is another way acutomancy is used in fortune telling.

Sprinkling the surface area of the reading with powdery substances, such as sugar, talcum powder or flour help the diviner determine the exact patterns the needles make when they fall and help him to give a more accurate forecast for the reader.

Acutomancy is an ancient form of divination and has been used in the telling of fortunes for many centuries by the ancient fortune tellers or gypsies.

There are many kinds of divination types out there; acutomancy is only one of these. Crystal balls, gemstones, pendulums, rune stones, bones, sticks and candles are also used in divination rituals and scrying.

The diviner or fortune tellers believe that whatever objects they use for divination purposes, the objects have no power on their own, the power comes from within the fortune teller or diviner and his mind. Psychic abilities rely on their intuitions, their instincts and what they feel when doing a reading for the future. There minds have to be completely clear of any other thoughts when divinations such as acutomancy is being used.

Meditations play a large part in the diviner's preparedness for a reading. Acutomancy is what his mind should be completely focused on and the reading he has at hand.

Some common facts about acutomancy is that impressions which the fortune teller receives and gets from you, come from the subtle and not so subtle impressions you give off and they read into. The fortune teller should always be open completely to whatever results come his way for a detailed more accurate fortune reading.

A lot of people believe that acutomancy is a skeptical and superstitious divination form; they also believe this of many other forms like tarot cards, candle magic and rune readings. Most of all the Roman's believed in some kind of mysticism like spells, charms and messages coming to them in their dream states. These are all divination forms just as acutomancy is.

Many religions and many cultures throughout the world use divination in their everyday lives to help in foretelling the future of their people and environments.

Some people use crystals, rune stones, gems, mirrors, smoke, tarot cards and candles, there are many different methods out there for divination purposes in fortune telling practices. Acutomancy is just one of many that people today still practice although it is a rare form not used by a lot of diviners or fortune tellers now. They have turned to more modernistic methods of divination.

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