ADRASTIA (Inescapable One) In Greek mythology, daughter of Melisseus, king of CRETE; sister of IDA (1). With Ida and the goat-nymph AMALTHEA, Adrastia tended the infant god ZEUS on Mount IDA (2), in Crete. Later mythology identified Adrastia with NEMESIS, the goddess of vengeance.

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Greek Mythology

Adrasteia (inescapable) In Greek mythology, a Cretan nymph who was a nursemaid of Zeus; daughter of Melisseus; sister of Ida. Also a country near Troy named for Adrastus, who built a temple to Nemesis. The name also is given to a daughter of Zeus and Necessity, who is identified in some accounts as Nemesis, who is called Adrasteia in Plato’s Republic.


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