Also known as:

Avléketé; Avréketé


Benin (Dahomey)

Afréketé is the youngest child of Aghueh and Naéte of the Dahomean sea pantheon. A town named Avléketé near a saltwater lagoon just east of the port city of Ouidah (Whydah) is named in her honor. She is a guardian deity, offering protection to those traveling over the water plus gifts of abundance, knowledge, and fertility. She protects the treasures of the sea.

Although originally a female spirit, African-Diaspora traditions in the Western Hemisphere may consider her male. Something of a trickster, she plays a similar role to Elegba in some of these traditions.

She is syncretized to Michael Archangel.

Favored people:

The multidigited: those born with extra fingers and/or toes. Extra digits are considered marks of her favor and bring good luck and wealth.


Afréketé may appear as a woman or a mermaid.


Decorate an altar with the motifs of the sea.




Blue, white

Lucky Hand Root

Lucky Hand Root is the folk name given the roots of certain orchids that resemble little human hands with extra fingers. These roots are carried as amulets to attract wealth and gambler’s luck. Place a lucky hand root on an altar dedicated to Afréketé and request that she bless and empower it for you. Tell her explicitly what you would like the amulet to do. Under her dominion, this root can also be used as a traveler’s charm. Place it in a blue cloth charm bag, tied with a white ribbon, and carry for good luck. Use a percentage of your winnings or money obtained through the use of the charm to honor Afréketé.

See Also:

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Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses – Written by : Judika Illes