Angus Mac Og

Angus Mac Og
The Young Son; Angus of the Birds

Also known as:

Aengus; Oengus; Aonghus


Tuatha Dé Danaan



Angus Mac Og is the Lord of Love: he helps lovers in need and in peril.
For Angus, there is no such thing as an impossible love: he helps true love defy all odds. When love goes wrong, he comforts and protects the heartbroken.

Angus is the fruit of illicit love. The Dagda and Boann had a passionate encounter. To hide her pregnancy, Boann forced the sun to stand still for the duration of her pregnancy; thus Angus was conceived and born on the very same day. (Another version suggests that it was the Dagda who placed the sun on hold first to keep Boann’s husband from returning home and then to allow time for pregnancy and childbirth.)

After birth, his father took him home where Angus became a champion hurler.

Angus stars in his very own love story. In The Dream of Angus, written down in the eighth century, Angus literally falls in love with the woman of his dreams. He has some work to do before he can attain her, but attain her he does because no love is impossible for Angus. Needless to say, he and his beloved live happily ever after. (

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Petition him if your love faces impossible obstacles. Angus can inspire you to discover solutions to your desperate romantic dilemmas.

Favored people:

Lovers and those who wish to be lovers; he may be patron of hurlers, too.
Consort: Caer
Palace: Brugh na Boinne, now called New-grange, a giant megalithic tomb estimated to have been erected circa 3200 BCE.

See Also:

Boann; Dagda, the; Etain; Tuatha Dé Danaan


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