The Clasper;The Embracer; Bestower of Life; Lady of Nubia

Also known as:

Anukis; Anoukis; Anqet



Anuket’s name, interpreted as “the embracer,” indicates the way Nile waters hug land, leading to fertility and joy. Anuket is a river goddess with dominion over prosperity and sexual delight; references to “clasping” and “embracing” are also intended in the sexual sense. She grants fertility to humans and animals.

Anuket first emerged in Northern Nubia. Her origins date back at least to the Old Kingdom. She and Satis may originally have been sisters, but they were incorporated into the Egyptian pantheon as mother and daughter. Depending on the version of the myth, Anuket is Khnum’s second wife and Satis is their daughter, or Satis is the wife and Anuket the child. Either way, they are happily venerated together or as a triad with Khnum.


She manifests as a beautiful woman or a gazelle, her sacred animal.


Anuket may be portrayed with four arms, representing the union of the male and female principles. She wears a crown of reeds, topped with ostrich feathers.


Papyrus scepter; cowrie shell




Red Parrot

Places: Her sacred shrine was on the isle of Seheil, by the Nile’s first cataract. Anuket shares residence with Khnum and Satis at Elephantine.

See Also:

Heket; Khnum; Satis


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