Baron Del Cementario

Baron Del Cementario

Although technically Baron Del Cementario’s name is the Spanish version of the French Baron Cimitière, they are not the same spirit. In the Vodou traditions of the Dominican Republic, the first man buried in a cemetery becomes that cemetery’s Baron Del Cementario. To identify or contact him, locate his grave.

In Dominican tradition, Baron Del Cementario is the Baron with the closest relations with the living, perhaps because he, unlike most Barons, has had a relatively recent human incarnation. Baron Del Cementario is contacted or invoked in the cemetery at midnight. Enter by one gate; make your offerings and petition, then leave by another gate, not the one by which you entered. Throw nine coins over your left shoulder (have them ready in your pocket) and then go home via a circuitous route without looking back.

It is especially crucial to be exceptionally clear when speaking with Baron Del Cementario and to be incredibly specific and articulate in terms of negotiations and offerings. (Dominican Vodo is very influenced by Roman Catholicism; in that context, Baron Del Cementario may be perceived as craving souls.)

• Baron Del Cementario is syncretized to Saint Elias and shares his feast day of 20 July.


Baron Del Cementario resembles the traditional Baron (black wardrobe; sunglasses) but also appears in dreams as a large black bull.


La Barona






Black coffee; anything you’d give the other Barons



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