Batraquomancy or batrachomancy is divination by frogs, newts or toads.


From Greek batrakhos (frog)


The diviner will observe the motion of the frog and the way it moves towards cards or items that may represent choices.


Yoruba priests use divination trays from birds, mudfish, frogs and snakes as part of their process of crossing “boundaries” between the material and spiritual realms on behalf of those seeking spiritual guidance. Reptiles and birdscan be seen as symbolizing the crossing between the realms of matter and spirit.
The toad as well as the raven or the black cat are animals that are traditionally considered as familiars or imps for the witch.

Modern forms

Some put a frog in a vase with a ladder. if it climbs the ladder, then the weather is supposed to be fine.

Deities associated with the practice

The frog was the symbol of the Egyptian birth goddess Heqet and is associated with resurrection

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