Bloody Mary’s House

In a rather quiet mid-city area of New Orleans, you may be surprised to find a haunted house, but not I. New Orleans is haunted beyond the French Quarter and Garden District—the ghosts are spread all over town. Why not? In a city with the highest mortality rate in North America for two centuries, where a cemetery—a city of the dead—guards nearly every neighbourhood, in a town that was a giant swamp and an early Native American trade route, there should be no surprise at what lingers behind.

Most of us have spirits that travel with us whether we know it or not—mainly guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and occasionally something not so beneficial. I know that the house I live in is haunted with those I carried with me, some of the spirits who lived and visited this house in the past, as well as a few hitchhikers I may bring home with me after introducing tourists to graveyards and haunted sites. I am a medium, paranormal investigator, psychic, and tour guide, so there are many hitchhikers who latch onto my light. Houses I live in can become crowded, especially if the previous tenants were waiting to greet me or perhaps even lured me there to begin with. The dead can be lonely and need to have someone to help and listen to their needs, too.

The little old lady who lived here for years walks and watches the house and causes no trouble at all; in fact, she protects it. I see her as a very short woman mainly in the hallways; my husband and child see her, too. Also seen now and then is Thomas, a rather thin 35-year-old man who may have a bit of protective/jealous streak. He did not like my ex-boyfriend, and whenever he came over, the electricity would always go out in the bedroom/parlour section of the house. The second the ex would leave, everything was fine again. I have had many fights with the electrician who could never fix the issue because by the time he got here, everything worked fine.

The ghosts in the attic are now sealed in with holy oil; though we have heard them on many occasions. We recently moved my child’s bedroom to the rear of the house—to the room with the attic entrance. In this room, my son had his first encounter as the attic door creaked open on its own. In five years, the incredibly stubborn attic door, which has always taken a lot of strength to open, never ever opened on its own. After the incident, I sealed the door with holy oil and forbade anything but protective spirits to enter through there again. I have to go up there to store stuff soon and will have a further talk with the spirits.

In my home, I constantly see orbs at night—they are green balls 7 to 12 inches in diameter floating around the bedroom and living room. There are a few spirits who hide things and an occasional one that fixes things. An occasional negative spirit may slip through, but, because I sense them, I can battle them away.

Early on, there were many more spirits than there are now. There were so many filling the hall that I had to clean house. It was like a spirit party—they were dressed as clowns or costumed (after all, it is New Orleans) and were dancing about—they were happy and loved my child who was six at the time. My son was expressing a bit of fear on the overload of the spirit activity, so I had to settle them all down. I still occasionally invite outside and inside South 91 spirits to parties, but you just can’t have everyone over all the time—that goes for the living and the dead.

Written by — Bloody Mary Mystic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Bloody Mary’s Tours



Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger